Senior Living Photo Shoot

Senior Living Photo Shoot

Part 1: The Process

We know that updated photos can truly revitalize marketing efforts. So, to help prepare your community for its next photo shoot, we’re documenting the entire photo shoot process in a two-part senior living photo shoot diary series.  

This project takes two of our client services members up to Washington to capture the gorgeous landscape and vibrant community life of 2 sister communities. Both managed by Emerald Communities, Heron’s Key and Emerald Heights are Life Care communities focused on active lifestyles that embrace its natural surroundings. Come along with us as we join Ellyce Redmond and Rachel Lambright on their photo shoot journey up to the Northwest. 

Our Goal

After using the same images and video for years, it was time for both communities to update their content. During this photo shoot, the Angell Marketing team will shoot both photography and video of the community, landscape, residents, and staff. We will use the content throughout the website, in new collateral pieces and direct mail, and on social media. Several testimonial interviews will also showcase residents, family members, and staff. In total, 11 videos are set to be created from the week-long shoot.

In addition to updating their current image library, the new content will serve as part of a rebrand. Emerald Heights is in the process of completing a brand refresh that reflects its current active, spirited lifestyle. The new content will be used in the updated brand pieces, on the brand-new website, and in social media. Read more about Emerald Heights’ rebrand here.

The Process of a senior living photo shoot

If you’ve ever been part of a senior living photo shoot process, surely you know that a lot of planning and details go into making the experience smooth. Here’s what went into the planning process for these two photo shoots.

Three Months Out From the Photo Shoot

The photo and video shoots are a go! After confirming the communities are on board, Rachel and Ellyce organized a kick-off call with both clients. In this call, the communities shared their hopes, goals, and dreams for the photo shoot. What are they hoping to achieve? Are there any must-have photos or locations?

Two Months Out

It was almost time to meet up with our photographer! But first, Ellyce and Rachel created a tentative schedule for the photo shoot. This included how many locations the team wanted to shoot and a general shot list. That way, the photographer could provide an accurate quote for the week. 

Next, they enlisted some help from our office coordinator, Kendra! She helped the team coordinate hair and makeup artists to help make our resident models feel their best. Diversity models were also hired to ensure minority groups are represented and that ADA and EHO guidelines will be followed. 

We also created photo shoot guidelines to later be shared with the community’s resident models. This outlined information about clothing, accessories, makeup and hair, and the best colors for the camera. We asked that they avoid patterns and do their best to wear the community colors so that they’d complement the branding when used. We also recommended that they bring layers so that they’d be able to quickly change the scene with a new jacket or scarf. This allows us to get the most out of each setup. 

1.5 Months Out

Next up, it was time to create a plan of action! To start, Ellyce and Rachel looked at the maps of both communities to see which locations were a must-have on the schedule. The communities also provided a list of preferred locations that they’d like to include, which Ellyce and Rachel added to their lists.

They also conferred with the digital team for wishlist shots that would be used in digital tactics. 

With the team in agreement, Ellyce and Rachel confirmed the itinerary with the communities. We wanted to make sure we didn’t pick any locations that didn’t have great curb appeal or wouldn’t be available for use during the photo shoots. 

During this time, the communities gathered a willing list of resident models to act as vibrant, passionate ambassadors of the community. They also shared the photo shoot guidelines with them to help them feel prepared for the photo shoot.

1 Month Out

With the schedules created and confirmed, the logistics were next up on the to-do list. Rental cars, flights, and lodgings were booked for the Angell Marketing team, as well as the photographer’s team. 

For a true community experience, Rachel and Ellyce will stay on-site in guest suites at both communities.

Two Weeks Out

All that’s left are the final details. These include gathering binders with all the necessary documents, such as schedules and model releases, and printing name tags for the crew. 

Next up is the photo shoot! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!


Stay Tuned for part 2 of a senior living photo shoot 

Follow along in part 2 as we document the week-long photo shoot with fun stories and behind-the-scenes photos of the week! 

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