The Revolutionary Impact Of QR Codes In Senior Living

How to Advertise with QR Codes in Senior Living

The Revolutionary Impact Of QR Codes In Senior Living

QR codes have been around since 1994, so why does it seem like you’re seeing them more and more, particularly in the senior living market?  The answer is quite simple. Like most new technologies, the adoption rate is much slower for older generations.  

According to the AARP, 86% of seniors aged 50 to 59 have a smartphone. Smartphone adoption is 81% for those aged 60 to 69.  And 62% for seniors 70 and older.

With more smartphones landing in the hands of older adults (and often eagerly), it has become effortless to market and navigate a retirement community with just a scan. 

Imagine this — resident, Mary, walks into the front office of her senior living community and sees a printed flyer about all the community activities for the month. It reads: Scan the QR code to access our March Activity Calendar. Now, Mary instantly knows when the next yoga class and happy hour is—and all events are readily available on her smartphone whenever she wants to reference them. Digital initiatives have joined forces with good ol’ fashion paper trails!

What about prospects and leads? QR codes are equally effective for these audiences. By placing a QR code on your direct mail pieces, your marketing efforts can offer recipients an easy way to RSVP to an event or enjoy an enhanced experience.   

Still skeptical? You aren’t alone. We did a lot of testing before we started recommending the addition of QR codes to our clients. For us, it’s all about results. Do they work? Will seniors know what to do? Will they embrace the technology? The answer to all three questions is a resounding “yes”!


QR codes can speed up the transition from direct mail recipients to sales leads. Longhorn Village, a senior living community in Austin, Texas, has increased its website engagement through direct mail pieces. 

lunch and learn example of qr codes

Earlier this year, the community held a lunch and learn featuring  Brad Breeding, who helps families make informed decisions on moving to a lifecare community. As you can see, the event mailer provides a QR code for users to not only RSVP to the event but also check out free tools to gauge their financial fit. Longhorn Village saw overwhelming results from the QR code — resulting in 48 scans and over 100 RSVPs. 


QR codes are a bridge between your traditional marketing efforts and your digital assets. We know direct mail pieces are a good way to showcase this tool, but what about surveys? 

Senior living communities can benefit from mailing surveys to residents and prospects to gain valuable community feedback. And, while some may want to give their input, having to fill out a paper survey and remember to send it back is often a barrier to replying. With QR codes, you provide your survey recipients with an easy way to provide their feedback.  

Green Country Village, a senior living community in Bartlesville, Okla., sent a survey to prospective residents to gain insights into their vision for their retirement and what they might want from a senior living community. The prospects had the option to fill out the paper survey and send it back to the community or scan the QR code to submit it online. The QR code on this survey mailer received 12 scans in addition to 7 mailed-in surveys. 

another example of qr codes in senior living mailing


QR codes can also be used when senior living communities partner with local organizations. For instance, Park Senior Villas, senior living communities in Phoenix and Tucson, recently promoted their Walk to End Alzheimer’s in their communities. The flyer contained a QR code that linked to the registration page on the Alzheimer’s Association website. So, residents and local folks could register for the event or learn more about how they can help with the cause.

last example of qr codes in senior living marketing


You can use QR codes for various types of content. Linking to websites is a common practice, but don’t overlook the strategy to connect to your community’s social media profile, videos, or specific pages on your site (events, floor plans, cost calculators, etc.). 

Many of us (including seniors) love to receive news and stay in touch with family and friends through social media. While utilizing QR codes for Facebook events may not be your first choice. It is a great way to get a visual headcount from your fellow attendees. 

At Angell Marketing, we’ve seen tremendous success using QR codes on promotional pieces. Our marketing team is here to help generate quality leads for your senior living community. Whether you’re seeking solutions in traditional or digital marketing, you can count on the Angells to provide phenomenal results. Connect with us!

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