Cracking the code to community engagement.

Looking to engage with your senior living community?

Cracking the code to community engagement.

Imagine a vibrant senior living community filled with love, laughter, and lively interactions. Where waking up every day feels exciting and classes, dining, and social gatherings are just a short walk away — a place where fostering engagement is just as important as care received. 

While social connection is important for all of us, studies have shown it has a profound benefit for older adults and can help improve health conditions, slow cognitive decline, and even combat loneliness. As a senior living community, it’s important to encourage seniors to get out and have some fun with friends, family, and their next-door neighbors – and perhaps discover a new hobby or two along the way. 

Senior living is so much more than a comfortable residence, it’s a place for older adults to explore interests and maintain connections. Whether you’re looking for creative ideas to help your community break through in a crowded market or to generate more RSVPs for events in your community, Angell Marketing has you covered. 

We create custom plans based on your community’s unique needs that help capture engagement from residents and potential prospects. Our strategies are based on your community, your competition, and your goals. We never take cookie-cutter shortcuts. 

Here are a few examples of work that works for our clients:

Increasing Community Engagement through Events 

Step Into Health Event 

Put on your walking shoes and prepare to get your steps in, with a pal of course! Senior living communities love to take advantage of paved scenic paths while encouraging residents to mingle with neighbors who might soon become close friends. And, there is no better way than hosting a health and fitness event. 

Beatitudes Campus, a senior living community in Phoenix, Ariz., celebrated the mild weather with a wintertime walk. Residents admired the holiday lights and indulged in warm beverages and delicious snacks while strolling through the picturesque community.  

Let’s Get Physical

Group exercise classes offer a wonderful opportunity to unite older adults and engage in movement important to living a more active lifestyle. As a senior living community, it’s important to offer a wide range of activities that pique the interests of older adults. Tai chi, chair yoga, chair balloon volleyball, and water aerobics are just some unique classes that can inspire residents to engage – and even participate alongside their active neighbors. 

Nurturing Bonds with an Intergenerational Program

There’s no better way to deepen connections and get involved in the community than engaging in an intergenerational program. Bringing two generations together can create a greater understanding and appreciation for diverse viewpoints. Intergenerational programs contribute to enrichment among seniors as some may mitigate feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Park Senior Villas, senior living communities in Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz., has bridged the generational gap by working with a non-profit organization, Young at HeART Together, to promote interactions between seniors and children. Residents were able to hang out with preschoolers for an afternoon and sing children’s songs like the Alphabet Song and Hokey Pokey. The program led to a dance-off and showing off who could give the biggest hug.  

Drag Queen Bingo, Say What?

Bingo holds a special place in the hearts of many and remains a beloved pastime for seniors. This captivating game is merely about fellowship and enjoyment while bringing out a touch of friendly competition. With growing popularity among seniors, this traditional game has transformed into a thrilling night filled with inclusive fun and unmatched entertainment, and seniors can’t get enough of it.  

Honoring its diverse community, Beatitudes Campus offers an entertaining event that combines classic bingo with the added flair of drag queens. Residents love the unique blend of games, comedy, and of course, fashion. 

Get your Game Night On 

Roll the dice and shuffle those cards — it’s time to create memories, one game night at a time. Hosting game nights for residents at a senior living community prompts opportunities to come together and enjoy moments of laughter and fun. Whether it’s a game of cards, billiards, board games, or trivia, just about any game can serve as a magnet for social engagement among seniors. 

Cottage Grove Place, a senior living community in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, hosted a casino night for residents and prospects to place (fake) bets on various card games while enjoying classic cocktails and a buffet. Seniors experienced the thrill of Vegas-style casino minus the risk and played classics such as blackjack, roulette, and poker.  

What’s Next?

Senior living is a major milestone in many people’s lives. It represents a new era of leisure and learning as they leave behind household responsibilities and tedious chores. A senior living community serves as a hub to thrive within oneself and find an interesting and active lifestyle with others. Focus on the fun in your community, and naturally, others will join. 
When it comes to cracking the code to senior engagement, it’s all about determining what your unique community offers and how we can promote your lifestyle to the right audience — one that’s ready to renew their vigor for life. Contact us today to learn more about customized community events and marketing services at Angell Marketing.