What questions should senior living communities answer for prospective residents?

What questions should senior living communities answer for prospective residents?

When considering all of the senior living options available, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Prospective residents will need to evaluate all of the necessary lifestyle and health needs to feel comfortable and safe in their future home. One thing for certain is prospective residents will have questions—lots of questions—and as a community, it is important to have those answers beforehand. 

Senior living isn’t “one-care-fits-all,” and as you organize your thoughts and questions, you need to focus on personalization and how to help those who hold outdated beliefs about senior living. Many folks still imagine retirement as a somber hospital environment. Fortunately, that is far from the truth. While prospective residents are curious about senior living, there is still a layer of skepticism.

As a community, it is your responsibility to have the details straight. Whether you offer independent living or are a Life Plan Community,  Angell Marketing is here to help you organize your questions and answers to suit your potential prospects and their needs when finding a home. 

What are the monthly rates and how have they changed over the course of five years?

As one evaluates their finances, it is important to be mindful of move-in costs and monthly rates. Planning ahead will help prospects know what to expect if they choose to become a resident in the future. In addition to noting the prices, this would be a good time for prospects to use a tool like the Cost Calculator to help them see how their living expenses are compared to the community. Asbury Village, a senior living community in Godfrey, IL, uses the Cost Calculator to break down a detailed report in minutes for anyone who puts in their monthly budget.

As you offer a plan based on the levels of care, it is important to note that fees typically increase each year and should be predicted to rise at least 2-5% but could double with the expense of COVID-19. 

what amenities and classes are offered?

It is pretty common for senior living communities to offer amenities and classes for residents to enjoy. As you sit down with potential residents, offer a monthly activities calendar and schedule. For instance, mention health and fitness classes, dining choices, events and life enrichment programs.  Tell them about all there is to enjoy in the community while emphasizing wellness opportunities. 

Educate potential residents on the benefits of amenities and how they can lead to not only a healthier lifestyle but a better quality of life. It is important to focus on some pillars that reflect the community’s culture to encourage engagement. 

what is the continuum of care offered?

Vigorous residents might not need services now, but may need care in the future. As seniors plan for their retirement they need to know if your community offers multiple levels of care. Whether they are looking for independent living or health services such as assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation or memory care—all of the information will be right at their fingertips. 

Once providing the details, it may be a good idea to go through the process of what it looks like when needs change over time and learn about the easy transition to maximize comfort.

how do we keep residents safe in the community?

Safety may be the number one concern for potential residents and their loved ones. When it comes to deciding, it may make or break when comparing options. When inquiring, it is essential to lay out how the community takes safety and security into its own hands.  For instance, mention that the community offers around-the-clock nurses, security cameras, background checks of employees, is fully staffed or anything that helps lead a worry-free lifestyle.

what’s next?

Older adult communities could benefit from offering a retirement living guide to help prospective residents visualize their wants and needs. Luther Manor, a senior living community in Wauwatosa, WI, provides a guidebook that takes you through step-by-step what is important to you, lifestyle preferences, amenities, answers to common questions and next steps.

In addition to the questions we offered, think of additional questions that suit your community and its lifestyle. What do you want your future residents to know?

If you would like some help formulating your questions for prospective residents, Angell Marketing is here to help. We are a full-service senior living marketing agency that is happy to help with custom marketing solutions.