5 reasons why blogs are important for senior living websites

5 reasons why blogs are important for senior living websites

When it comes to putting out content in this day and age, it is essential to get your senior living community showcased through blogging. We’d even like to argue that it’s one of the most important features of a website. Whether or not you have blogs up on your website, all that matters is you start today. 

You may be wondering if users read blogs on a website. As much as we like to think that everyone that treks to the website will read our blog—it is highly unlikely. However, blogs provide many benefits and demonstrate that there is more to something than meets the eye. In other words, blogs are more than places for outlining facts and figures, it’s how you use words to tell a story.

The first step is to create different types of content that speak to your audience while they explore their journey to find the right community. As you dabble with content ideas for your website, blogs are a great way to give personality and a voice to your community. Here are some of the main reasons why blogs are the hallmark of a great senior living website:

1. Blogs are impactful from an SEO standpoint.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more important in the digital age of people searching for information online. Content is king—the more effort put into exceptional writing ensures SEO rewards in higher keyword ranking and traffic. The content written in blogs helps increase awareness, occupancy, and sales. Next time you think of sharing your thoughts and options, allow for valuable keyword insights and use optimization reporting tools that will help seniors find the right community. 

2. Blogs increase conversions.

Blogs can provide information on a topic or event that may not be clear from the landing page. While providing a more thorough explanation, you can drive more traffic to the website and convert users or their loved ones into potential residents. In addition, as you wrap up the post, it feels natural to add a CTA or call to action. This can include how you can contact or even extend your footer with options to explore the community. For example, “How did you hear about us?” is the perfect ending to a simple contact form and gives you insight into where users are coming from. 

3. Blogs establish authority.

As you share resources and affiliations with the community, you become more reputable as a thought leader. You can easily establish yourself as an authority figure and separate yourself from competitors by coming up with thoughtful and unique content that relates to the culture of your community. 

Carillon, a senior living community in Lubbock, Texas, plans its digital content around its affiliation with Texas Tech University. Think about what sets you apart from other senior living communities and how you can leverage it. 

4. Blogs can be shared with email lists and social media followers.

One great benefit of blogs on senior living websites is the content that can easily be shared with your following. When users are already subscribed and follow the community’s socials, they are more likely to engage. Sharing can help spread the word and essentially bring users to other areas of the website. Next time you write a blog post, share it with your email list and followers—they are your biggest fans. 

5. Blogs can keep websites up to date with fresh and unique content.

Senior living blogs are one of the best ways to promote what’s going on and what you offer to the community. As communities offer different programs and amenities, content should reflect ways in which residents can make the most of their retirement. Using fresh and unique ideas will keep users intrigued and wanting to learn more about the culture of the community. 

Luther Manor, a life plan community in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, uses its blog as an avenue to share stories of its residents and how they came to choose to transition into senior living. Round up your community’s meaningful stories for today’s seniors and their loved ones to enjoy.  

What’s Next?

As you weigh in with topic ideas, keep in mind your audience and the anticipated culture of the community. The staff at Angell Marketing is passionate when it comes to marketing and is dedicated to helping connect new and current residents to the senior community living life.

If you’d like some help coming up with ideas and writing blog posts geared towards your senior living community, our full-service senior living marketing agency is here to help. Start a conversation with us here